G20 Summit, London Travel Advice for W/C 30.03.09

    Some forewarning for anyone planning to travel to London this week...

    As you will have heard on the news the G20 summit will cause a number of disruptions in the capital for most of this week. For those of you travelling to meetings or to visit customers, please find below a summary of the current position as we know it. Please allow additional time if have to travel to the affected areas and ensure you have identification on you in case you are challenged.

    G20 Summit London An update

    Flashpoints are likely to begin on Wednesday 1 April, which campaigners have declared Financial Fools' Day. A demonstration will be held outside the Bank of England.

    Camp for Climate Action is planning a 24-hour camp in the City of London. Further protests are planned the next day in Docklands outside the ExCeL centre, where the summit will take place.

    Smaller actions are also scheduled around the Square Mile. Police will monitor events on CCTV monitors at the police control centre in Lambeth, south London.

    The police have advised bankers and lawyers to dress down to avoid being marked out as City workers, to leave their cars at home and use public transport, to cancel meetings and to forgo outdoor cigarette breaks.

    Police admit that their security plans for the G20 Summit on Thursday and the protests the day before are likely to cause considerable disruption to Londoners throughout the week, with a spokesperson insisting: "We are trying to reduce the chaos it causes."

    Security clampdown

    London has been put on alert for the week ahead. Here is some of the advice that has been given to people who might be affected by protests against the G20 summit:

    Bankers Work from home; dress down; cancel meetings; use public transport.

    Security staff "Anticipate anything"; liaise with police.

    Canning Town residents Strongly advised to carry two forms of ID; prepare for stop and search; don't use cars.

    Emergency Services Will be disrupted; ambulance stations relocated; more police patrols; no GP home visits.

    ExCeL conference centre No access; local businesses including shops and nurseries to be closed.

    Rail Three Docklands Light Railway stations will be shut on Thursday.

    Roads Roads near the summit and in central London to be closed; traffic diverted.

    Shops Protest-training for staff; extra security; police guards.

    Police Rest days cancelled; 37,000 officers on standby.

    Airports Leaders arriving at airports and RAF bases; extra police patrols.


    Is is just me or are others a bit ****** off at the authorities predicting trouble that has not occured. Are they hoping that it does? Or is the media just hoping for some good pictures?

    I'm going to the o2 on Thursday, if any of this lot get in my way, I'll give the press some action pictures they can use lol.
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