Found 1st Oct 2008
just got given a desktop g4 mac

i want to go wireless what card will i need
please help


airport card

do macs have pci slots :thinking: get a pci card or buy a wireless dongle

i have no clue about macs so guessing they should work


do macs have pci slots :thinking:

No; airport card (look on ebay) or a USB dongle :thumbsup:

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will it tell me if i have a airport card

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and how can you tell if its a pci card
does it have like 5 pins then about 30 ish pins then 5 pins

danby jason;3095504

will it tell me if i have a airport card

Goto the Apple logo and select 'about this mac' - then click on 'more info' this should list all the hardware installed on the machine you have.

What Mac Is it.

Get me a model number ! :thumbsup:


No; airport card (look on ebay) or a USB dongle :thumbsup:

The G4 towers do have PCI slots

Chances are it will either take AirportExtreme or Airport express.

Airport Extreme is dirt cheap and very good and realiable and obviously works seamlessly with OSX.

Airport Express is dear as its old now, really hard to get a new one.

Avoid USB dongles like the plague as they are generally system resource sapping unrealiable donkeys, and only a few work on the Mac.

If i remember the Netgear PCI cards work nicely, but check before you buy.

]Useful resource for Apple Users MACTRACKER Complete encyclopedia of all apple products, tells you the specs, what system it can go up to and upgrade options.
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