G9 LED cool white capsule bulbs

    A few months ago I bought a new ceiling light for the hallway. It came complete with 4 x 28 watt (Max) G9 halogen bulbs which were warm white. Wanting cool white to match table lamps and kitchen ceiling lights I purchased 5 watt led cool white capsule bulbs. Unfortunately they are not bright enough and I need to replace them. I've been constantly looking for brighter bulbs but to no avail and it's too confusing for me what with measurements in lumens and colour scales. Can anyone point me in the right direct to higher wattage led capsule bulbs in cool white with the equivalent of say an old fashioned 100w Edison bulb.
    Thankyou in advance.


    I know a little as a guide. I heard this.. The k rating is the colour. K = kelvin =how hot the led burns / heats up.. Bulbs 3500k are yellow warm white.. 5000k which is hotter is white. Above this it will go blue. So you want 5000k bulbs for the white.. Lumens is the brightness. 100 lumens is not that bright but 400 is = 100watt standard bulb. What I have said is only a guide so you just need to try a bulb

    You need to know what you're buying. Most important part is package dimensions as LEDs tend to be on the big size. Check the lux, warmth ratings and how many LEDs it has, also are they 360 degrees or just placed on the tip.

    The higher the Lumens the higher the wattage used and most likely the bigger the package. You can buy 9W G9s but will it fit in your light fixture ?

    To be honest I wouldn't use G9's in a hallway and would swap to a much larger GU11 product.
    100W old school standard bulb is around 1750 lumens. Look through the wiki posts for Lumen, Candela, Lux and all the other crap you need to know.…Lux…lux
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