G9 Led (to replace 28W Halogen)

Found 30th Dec 2015
Heya guys. Just installed some new lights in my front room total of 13 G9 28W halogen bulbs in there at the moment (stock bulbs) but I want to get some LEDs in there... I like the current brightness (but not the electric bill I will be getting).

Looking for some soft white LED's (not blue hues) but there are so many and so much variation on price...

Not looking to break the Bank say up to £40 or so...

Thoughts and recommendations welcome
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The temperature of the lighting is measured in kelvins. Rule of thumb 2700k is warm closest to halogen you are going to get and generally recommended for living spaces, 3000k is a cooler but still warmish white (I use these in my bathroom/hallways) 5000kv are cool white- too bluish in my opinion.

Brightness is measure in lumens. I tend to stick above 300 lumens for my gu10s as these are quite close to the 50w ones I replaced. Brand wise I buy from a company called lightingever on Amazon. A little more expensive than ones from home bargains/screw fix, but I've had cheapy ones before which were unreliable and I like the build quality of the lighting ever ones.
If you don't mind going import, Lightinthebox and banggood have some deals.



I always buy from https://www.energysavingonline.co.uk/ amazing prices n … I always buy from https://www.energysavingonline.co.uk/ amazing prices n quality

Other than they don't do G9 LEDs...
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