G9 low watt light bulbs

Found 22nd May 2014
Just bought a new house and most of the light fittings are either G9 or G4 bulbs and are high wattage throughout.

Can anyone recommend a place to get G9 low watt light bulbs that don't cost the earth?
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Looking for 1.5, 3 or 5 watts preferably

I'm guessing you're looking for LED. I would avoid the 1 Watt LED G9's as we have those and they do not give off nearly enough light in comparison to our old 25W ones, so a 3W may be a good compromise.

Consider something like this:


Though if you're after a 45W equivalent you'll need a 5W. It's worth noting that Ledlam on eBay have the 3W for a £2 more (£5), but have a 2 year warranty.


Your text here

Those are 33W halogens.
Check these out cpc.farnell.com/ cheapest I've found for light bulbs.
Strange but true...poundland! I have the G9 problem too but now stock up on their 2pk for £1.
Thanks for the advice guys
I get mine from poundland too...
...How would you view a man who's stockpiled a lifetime supply of old-fashioned lightbulbs because he believes low-energy bulbs could lead to blindness?

You might well dismiss him as dotty. But the man in question, John Marshall, is no crank. In fact, he's one of Britain's most eminent eye experts, the professor of ophthalmology at the University College London Institute of Ophthalmology...

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