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    Wanting to buy a screen for my projector, 100".

    My projector is HD, so should i get a glass beaded one?, motorised?.

    Any advice would be great, also where i can purchase one at a cheap price!.(£100, or less)


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    Not so bothered with it being motorized.

    I think this would be the kind of question to ask at the AV forums. I am not sure you should go for the cheapest option if you have already invested in some serious other kit.

    Hello Jay
    The pull down plain matt screens have the greatest ability to be viewed fromthe side angles. beaded ones increase the piccy brightness but at the expense of increasingly distorting the colour as you move around the viewing angle. motarised a waste of money when compared to the pull down ones.
    I had a pull down plain screen but it was no different in quality than a peice of £15 blackout material that i tacked to the wall. the only benefit being i could roll the pull down away. the price of material meant i now have a five foot high twelve foot wide screen.
    if you want this cheap optin bring a peice of brillina white paper to materials shop to compare against and remember the width of materieial is 1.5 meters to the leng you buy is in fact teh width of teh screen a 3m length of white blackout material gives a 1.5 m high and 3m wide screen.

    You can get roll down blinds from Ikea for about £20 and they work fine
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