Gadget Helplines - BE WARNED!!

Posted 26th Jul 2012
I posted the bit below in the Galaxy Y post from a weeks ago -…093

But be warned in case anyone is taking a contract out with talkmobile or carphone warehouse - maybe other ones too.

Folks be warned!! Looked at my account online today and noticed a payment had gone out of £23.94 to TMTITECHELP. I was sure I had cancelled these online per the instructions posted in the OP. I assumed Geek Squad was one thing I cancelled and the insurance that came with it the other thing. Apparently not the Geek Squad was the insurance and the payment was taken by a company called Gadget Helpline.

I rang them up and was spoken to like a piece of crap by an ignorant girl called Nadia. She never let me speak and kept talking over me to the point where I ended up shouting at her to listen - she got me that annoyed. She hung up after I asked to be put through her supervisor or manager. I rang back and got her again - oh what a stroke of luck. This time she put me through and the manager informed me that they won't pay the money back but will give a partial refund. I refused this and demanded a full refund. They were charging me £5 for admin. For clicking a button. Bunch of absolute robbing ********s. Apparently an email was sent to me with the details of the contract I had taken up with them. I never got this and was informed that it often goes into the spam box. Hmm.

I spoke to Talkmobile and they informed me that Geeksquad was the insurance - despite me getting confirmation letters from both the insurer and Geek Squad seperately saying I had cancelled. No - I don't get that either. Anyway I think he could sense I was exceedingly miffed, and as a good will gesture credited my account with the £5 admin fee. Fair play to talkmobile they were superb on the phone and knew what they were doing.

Be warned you MUST ring the Gadget Helpline on 08444 772995 to cancel - this can not be done online.

And avoid the Gadget Helpline like the plague.
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