Galaxy A5 (2016) or Nexus 5x

    Hello folks.

    Which of these two phones would be the best to replace an old Nexus 5? They both seem to be around the same price. Or is there any other you could recommend. I don't want any Chinese imports or the oneplus.


    moto g4


    moto g4

    ​Last time i checked, the moto g4 wasn't either a galaxy or a nexus. i prefer samsungs so would go with the A5

    5x no brainer

    I would not recommend samsung over any phone. nexus is good but new one on its way

    5x but I would wait. New Nexus's are out soon so the 5x will go cheaper.

    Original Poster

    Thank you all for the advice. Bought a Note 3 off Ebay in the end. Fickle or what.
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