Galaxy Fit vs Mi band 4 vs honor band 5???

Posted 14th May
Hi all,
Hope someone can help!
I'm looking for tracker with a Smartwatch function such as calendar view, decent notification layout specially whatsapp etc.
I have Honor Band 5 & Galaxy Fit also but both have pros & cons. I'm not sure about Mi Band 4 as not used.
Is their any third part app I can use to gain all above calendar & better notifications?

Can you all let me know what's good for me?

Sorry if I'm not making myself clear!!!
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I have the MiBand 4 and 3. I absolutely love the 4, cost me 25 quid and the screen is soooo pretty. The battery is great, the heart rate monitor is on par with the miband 3.
i have the miband 4 and i really like it. i use it mainly for the phone notifications and you can just about read the text but nothing special, just a string of text. when i am notified that there is a message on my phone, i go to my phone to read the message as the miband screen is too small to read the message properly and it disappears quickly off screen so you have to go into notifications, which is a bit of a faff.

it shows the date on the main face with the time but there is no calendar that i can see on the band.
Thanks for the info
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