Galaxy S2 deal on Orange - Can anyone find better?

    Hi guys, a little advice if possible. I have researched a bit online, but may be missing something and want to know if what Orange are offering me is a good deal. Here is the offer:

    Samsung Galaxy S 2
    18 Month Contract
    800 minutes
    Unlimited texts
    1Gb Data
    £31 per month, plus £50 for the handset. (Total cost £608)

    I could have just 500mb for £26 a month, but regularly go over that so not a good idea.

    Removing the insurance would knock it down another £6.50.

    So, if you have seen a better deal, let me know so I can tell Orange to "do one"

    :o) Thanks People

    UPDATE - Last week I signed an 18 month contract and got: Samsung Galaxy S2 for £48, 800 minutes, unlimited texts, 1gb data, and insurance all for the princely sum of £21 a month. BACK OF THE NET!!!!!


    thats a good deal considering insurance is included and its 18 month.

    Original Poster

    Thanks Zombie... Anymore for anymore?

    Is that a retention deal or new contract?

    Im researching S2 deals and that seems VERY good.

    Is it definitely an S2, not an S?

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    Hey Freezin, Unfortunately it was just a retention deal. The good news for me was that I called again a week later and you won't believe the deal I got, but I swear it is true, but it was as above all included, but £48 for the handset and £21.50 a month for 18 months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now the proud and satisfied owner of an amazing phone at much cheapness with a hell of a lot of minutes, texts and data. Even the retentions guy said I had an amazing deal which doesn't cover the cost of the phone.

    Wow... phenomenal deal! hats off to you. Vodafone retentions seem much less forthcoming in offering anything remotely tempting.

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    Yeah my Mrs is with Vodafone, and they're terrible in comparison. They're customer services in general is shocking - as I normally do her bidding for her. Orange deserve my loyalty!
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