Galaxy S6 Edge screen issue

Found 2nd Dec 2015
I have a pink vertical line running from top to bottom of my screen. Phone never had a liquid contact or been dropped, this line just appear one morning. Anyone had a similar problem or know what that is? Thanks.
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Good luck with getting it fixed. Samsung are a nightmare.
Hardware fault most likely, take it back to where you bought it for a repair/replacement
The Lcd needs replacing. Contact Samsung.
Whatever you do, don't tell them you use a non-Samsung charger (I use a Blackberry Playbook 2amp charger or a Blackberry USB cable) - they will refuse to repair it. In fact, the conversation felt as though they were looking for a loophole when I tried to put in a warranty claim last year!
Are they really that bad when it comes to warranty
Can only compare them to Sony and HTC, who I've used for warranty claims, both couldn't have been more helpful. Samsung left me out in the cold. Considering I bought the phone I had at the time (Note 2) from Smartfonestore - who don't provide a charger of any kind, it felt doubly unfair.
Spoke to samsung over the phone, they said I can send it to my nearest repair centre or go to the third party shop where I bought it. Also phoned local repair centre guy on the phone was very helpful but he never came across pink line issue.
Went to my local carphone warehouse today, they have a samsung engineer on site. Phone will be ready for tomorrow repair under warranty.
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