Galaxy S7 Edge Screen protector

    Good evening all,

    I have recently purchased a Galaxy S7 Edge and wanted to fit a case and screen protector.
    I decided on this case:…c=1

    and these protectors:…c=1

    My problem is two fold, firstly the screen protector doesn't stick to the screen correctly where it curves around and secondly the case makes matters worse by lifting the protector even more.

    Has anyone found a good screen protector that works with the case I have?
    or, can you advise on a good case/protector combo?.

    Thanks in advance.


    I had same problems, tried many.
    In the end used liquid glass and tech 21, wrap around case. Job done

    Original Poster

    Thanks for your input guys, I'll take a look.

    I have tested a variety of screen protectors ranging from tempered glass (same issue as above) to standard plastic (bubbles)and to be honest the best I have found so far for the S7 Edge is the Skinomi full body Skin sold on amazon.

    Original Poster

    Thx Anthony, It's going to get expensive without real reviews... most Amazon reviews these days are biased so thanks for your thoughts.
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