Galaxy tab 10.1 help

    Hi guys really interested in getting this tablet but theres something i wanted to know. can i take the sim card out of my samsung galaxy s and put it in the tab to turn it into 1 big phone? i know it sounds bizzare but i heard that you can do that and wanted an insight. Thanks.


    yes, i have a giffgaff sim in my Galaxy Tab.

    As the tab is really just a big smart phone.

    (i just read some places are doing a wifi only model these may not have a sim card slot, so you would have to check with the retailer or seller you purchased it from).

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    does anyone know if you buy a ipad 2 with 3G can i put my galaxy S sim card into that? Also chrissie boy can you recieve messages etc on it?

    ipads use micro sims amd i think galaxy s uses normal size sims? just tether the ipad to the phone for tethered internet?

    i don't think can put your galaxy s (phone) sim into a iPad 2 (3G) without cutting it to size, as they take micro sim cards. you can buy cutting kits from retailers.
    But if your keeping you galaxy s (phone) then obviously you won't be able to use it again if you cut it to size.

    it's a shame you can't buy 2 - 3 sim cards with the same info (i.e number, contract, etc) and use them in many devices by taking out one contract that maybe costs an extra £5 per month to use on multi devices you own (since alot of people have both a tablets & mobile phone).
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    looks like i'll be waiting for the release of the galaxy tab 10.1
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