Galaxy Tab with my t mobile sim

Found 5th Apr 2011
I have a galaxy tab coming from t mobile and i had a txt saying thanks for setting up a new line etc. My question is can i put my current t mobile sim into the tab and use it for voice calls and texts and for surfing or do i have to use the new number. I didnt actually realise that it would get a number, i though the tab would just come ready to use and i could just insert my current sim to make calls. Any help is appreciated.
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The tab uses a normal sim, so you can put in your normal T-mobile sim from your phone if you wish, but it's probably better to use an internet sim with it being a smart phone/tablet
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Hi i got a galaxy tab on t-mobile and cannot use any other sim, you can get it unlocked at a phone shop about £20-30 but you will lose all your apps bookmarks etc as they have to delete everything and reset it back to factory settings.
Hope that helps.
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