Posted 4th Oct 2021
Days away from upgrade I've managed to smash my Huawei P30 lite I love this phone and looks like I cant now get another Huawei on contract.

I've found a tesco clubcard deal for the Galaxy. I had a Samsung years ago which I hated TBH but reviews on phone seem ok and it looks like it does what i need it too

My budget is £30 a month, this deal is £29.99, 6gb data, free Samsung watch (which I prob won't use) and some other freebies 🙈 3 year contract.

Anyone have this phone and can give honest review, or have an opinion on whether this is a good deal? I mainly use for browsing, calls and photos of kids 🤷♀️

I cant see anything on O2 for upgrade that catches my eye and fits my budget 😬
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