a while back i thought i saw something somewere regarding gambling addiction, i think it was something to do with gamcare, where you can sign up and then you are not able to place bets through any websites or over the phone with a bookie. does anyone know anything about this? or even understand what im saying? lol.

    im not the gambler in question lol.



    im not the gambler in question lol.

    Course you're not :whistling:

    (P.S - Google is your best friend)

    Good thing about online gambling is at least nobody can cheat!, Although that might be a downside for some.............!

    You need to beat the bookies ;-)

    Original Poster

    Becksdawe - Google is your best friend)




    Your welcome

    gamblings real fun, gives you the extra buzz, but maybes its not that fun if your addicted

    my top tips for anyone wanting to gamble for free
    [*]Only play as a form of entertainment and not as a way to profit
    [*]Never chase losses
    [*]Control your balance, it is always easier to watch the balance fall by £10 in 10 seconds than it is to part with a £10 note. Remember your balance is actual money[/LIST]shame no one takes my tips on board, people at uni dont trust me when i give them the odd tips on what to back, they shouldnt though really

    on the final note, good luck to he/she who needs help, its always a daunting task to seek help, but it needs to happen if its serious
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