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I've been having trouble with gambling-related cashback from several cashback sites. The latest one is Caesars Casino on Maximiles, which offered a good cashback on a deal running throughout July. However the deal has already disappeared, and there is no longer any mention of the merchant.

My first suspicion with such problems is that the merchant is up to something, however this time I've done a little investigation. It appears that the affiliate network (Uffiliates) have placed a 'minimum level of activity' rule on Maximiles, with Uffiliates retaining the right to withold commission payments. There may well be other relevant rules. Thus the cashback site is advertising cashback which it knows it may not get.

Clearly this applies to other cashback sites, and other gambling merchants. It probably also applies to other types of merchant, but is particularly relevant to gambling sites since, on the whole, people who join to get cashback are more likely to only play the minimum play requirement - which may fall short of the 'minimum level of activity' requirement.

Does anyone out there have any more information? I know the simplest answer is not to bother with gambling sites, but I feel that the cashback sites should be a bit more honest here.


I've never usually had a problem with Maximiles paying out on Gambling cashback until recently. The last few I have done have not paid so I have to wait for the 90 days to submit a query to try get my points.


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I don't think that the DGM collapse is relevant - Caesars Casino / Harrahs / Cassava is not on the list of affected merchants. There are some interesting side points in the DGM thread, I'm not sure I trust anyone in this cashback business. For some really interesting discussion the general thread in Rpoints (aother cashback site) takes some beating - there's reference to various power struggles, sexual activities, coertion, murder. I'm surprised that cashback ever gets paid.

Most of the ones I have used via Quidco have paid out, mecca even paid twice lol, the only one with trouble is Shootjack Casino which verified the £50 last November but still no sign of it so havent done any other than the wellknown ones since


My brother was murdered by the owner of quidco cash back site. Apparently they owed him £500 in cash back. Desperate times.
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