Game advice for first time Xbox 360 buyer

Found 23rd May 2010
Ok so just done a deal for my first ever console(yes really)

Need some advice on a few decent games to buy

From having a go on a mates I like the COD type ones so will get that and like driving games so any recommendations for these

Any others?

Nothing too geeky or hard to get into please...

Rep for efforts
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If your gonna get COD, the best ones are COD4 and maybe MW2
I think Grand Theft Auto IV is a must - cheapest I can see is £12.99 from ]HMV
Episodes from Liberty City, MW2, GTA IV and Uncharted 2

Joke please no fanboy war
Halo 3
GTA Episodes from liberty city, well worth the money

then cod mw2 and forza 3

some people would pick bad company 2 over modern warfare 2 though, something to consider
bad company 2 and dirt 2
Mr Booth.. as older gamer with both a 360 and ps3.. I would say the following games I have enjoyed and been hooked on

call of duty
batman lego
Tiger woods golf

the driving games I find pants .. you cant beat a bit of shoot em up type games

oh just got splinter cell but not played it yet
arkham asylum is a must.bioshock1+2,and the force unleashed.
also you can pick up last years fifa/pro evo for under a fiver...
bioshock is really hard to get into IMO, cant beat cod and gears of war.
FIFA world cup edition, halo 3, mw2, the orange box is great value for money as well. Fable and fallout are great too.
MW2 and BFBC2 for starters.

Need for Speed is generally a pick up and play game so it might be worth a go.

After that, the world is your oyster!
need for speed shift
gta iv and gta episodes from liberty city is a MUST
Alan wake (exclusive)
forza 3
gow 2
and cod mw2 if u wanna no the cheapest prices online go to find-games.co.uk
COD MW2 and then add a few of us for a game. Me & DC will show you the ropes

FIFA world cup edition

Fifa 10 is better value for money, once the world cup finishes watch the price plummet
I would recommend NFS shift as a driving game, underated imo.
MW2 as a shooter
Fifa 10 as a sports game
Borderlands as a RPS

Excluding NFS 3 of my favourite games
id actually recommend putting a wanted thread up requesting whatever games ur after.be a cheaper way to pick them up than buying them new.
thanks to all will pick up MW2 tomorrow

as much rep left as poss
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