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Found 18th Jun 2006
Anyone know any promo codes or good value sites where you can buy GBA games?

Thanks as always
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Not eBay, all the GBA games (and a lot of DS games now) are pirated which means more likely to break (lose your save game or just stop working) and apparently supporting organised crime. :x

[url]www.find-games.co.uk[/url] does price comparison and you can set up a wish list so it emails you when it's below a certain price. It wouldn't know about coupons but it's something.
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Here's a good one I got emailed about this morning:

Title: The Legend Of Zelda - The Minish Cap £14.58 delivered from Tesco

Can't beat a good bit of Zelda.

*Mod edit - fixed up URL to make link work*
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