Game Console Trade In/Sale, Where is best??

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Found 21st Dec 2010
Where is the best place to Trade in my dusty Nintendo Wii??

I want the best price for it, and since I don't have an ebay account and don't want to go through all the hassle of selling it, I thought you guys would know where is the best place to take it.

Also have wii fit board.



computer exchange. cex.co.uk. You wont get much for a wii, sub £50 trade-ins now.

Gamestation will beat CEX and they were offering 20% extra on trade-ins last week, not sure if that's expired now.

why don't you pop it in your local free ads paper, you'll have no problem selling it and will get more than trading it in.
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he said he didn't have an ebay account

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he said he didn't have an ebay account

I don't and really can't be ar$ed setting one up.

Thanks for the ideas, no sign on gamestations website about the extra 20% so it looks like I have missed out on that one.

We traded ours in at Gamestation and got £50 trade-in....Game and Grainger games were offering the same price

If you have a free-ads paper like trade it, then pop it in there, at least they will come to you to collect and you will get more than trading it in. CEX are offering £66 for a boxed white 1 with no games, you could easily get more than that.

Here's the list for what they are currently offering for Wii's: uk.webuy.com/pro…796

your selling it right now

Even with the 20% it only pushed up the trade-in to £60...

You could try the really old-fashioned way of putting an ad up in your local Newsagent/Grocers etc. You might get lucky with someone who is looking for a last minute Xmas pressie and given the weather they might be glad they don't have to trek into town - might even get a good price if someone is starting to panic about what to buy.

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your selling it right now

If its a question then no I am not selling it, I simply want to conveniently trade it in as i have been burned using local ads and having randoms buy stuff before.

If its a statement, explain how??

advertise locally.
You'll get like £90 for the wii leads and controllers.

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