Game cube

anyone know best place to sell and gamecube all working with 10 games


zelda wind waker which is bonus disc with orarina of time
mario kart double dash
super monkey ball 2
super mario sunshine
need for speed underground
kelly slater surfing


here??? although you'll have to wait 7 days now

i'd say definately ebay, people are much more price concious on here

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happy to wait 7 days just didnt know if it had any value, i know games work on wii

If you willing to split, may be interested in some games??

If you split I'd be interested in zelda Mario sunshine and Mario kart

You wont get much for this now. You can pick the cubes up for £5 at carboot sales and games tend to go for a £1 each.

ebay is prob best i would put your gamecube & most of the games on together but you should sell zelda, mario kart and mario sunshine all separately as these are games that go for good money (i used to deal a bit in nintendo stuff on ebay a while back).
mario sunshine is worth about £10, mario kart £7/8 more if it is the bonus disc version. zelda is the rarest worth between £15-20 depending on how well your auction goes. then your gamecube with the 7 left over games is worth roughly £20 plus postage.

hope this helps.

I sold mine in the local paper with 2 controllers, 2 memory cards, over 10 games for £35.

Try that or ebay.
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