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Looking into getting some old roleplaying games for the GC - so far I've only got Skies Of Arcadia. Can anyone help????


I don't think actual eBay links can be posted on here.
But do this go to eBay search Gamecube

then narrow your results down to Nintendo Gamecube,then genre set as role playing brings up 98 titles at this moment,of course you going on what some people think are RPG but this 1 way of finding some.


Thats Amazon list of what they got by RPG on Gamecube

Also just go to any sites like Game,Gamestation and other stores that sell games,Woolworths,WhSmith, HMV etc and search through the Gamecube games,most of the sites will allow you to narrow your results down by genre.

Skies of Arcadia is definitely a good place to start, try tales of symphonia, also an excellent game.

Phantasy Star.

Rocket Propelled Grenades? :P

Yeah definetly try tales of symphonia. Skies of Arcadia is a good game too. PSO too. Some people like Baldurs Gate Dark alliance. I dont really 100% like it but its decent. I only really liked it for the Co-op feature lol

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Thanks for the pointers flocks. Greatly appreciated
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