Found 8th Oct 2007
Hi all, was just wondering, if i order pgr4 from game on the free standard delivery, will the game be delivered on the release date?


I was worried about the same thing a wee while ago when stranglehold came out & I actually got it the day before the release date...

But the postal strikes will probably play a role in whether you get it on time as I think it's due out this friday?

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yeah well hopefully theyll b over by then*fingers crossed* :-) cheers, for the quick response

Doubt they'll be over by then though.

Hopefully they will but there'll be a big back log of deliveries to get through so there's a chance you might be effected...

Fingers crossed you won't though!!

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hmm still seems better than paying £45 in the shops

Buy it in store on Friday & if it doesn't turn up then take the sealed one that arrives in the post back on the other ones receipt

Edit: Also available in woolworths for £34.99 but I have no idea what they're like with delivering pre-order games... You could buy online & collect from a store though? That might work...


last time i ordered a game justs after a the strikes it took a week.for 1st class recorded signed (which is usually next day)

like other people have said because of the strikes it will be easier to go in a shop to buy it rather then online

my local is still delivering post aas normal


my local is still delivering post aas normal

You're one of the lucky few then :-(

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mines not :-(
ahhh dunno what to do lol :-(

Read post 7... she gives good advice :p:giggle:

she does an all!!!

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