Posted 9th Jul 2017
I just wanted to a little review on this as I feel it comes with major benefits/ drawbacks. Which I wanted to make a little clearer now I have used the card.

So the game Elite membership basically offers you an increased rate of return on rewards. But for a fee (£36 now). This is a major drawback for this, it basically means you need to spend £465 to get your money back (looking at my Elite Account it looks like points are not awarded on VAT). But you are guaranteed to get your money back under games 'no lose' policy.
However this isn't entirely cut out as it doesn't appear you will get any of the reward points you would have made from your purchases originally, possibly causing a loss. This also raises the amount you would need to make in order to profit as your bonus can be up to 8%.

You also get £5 for your birthday, which is nice and is added to the total bonus received in your Game Elite page. My total is currently on £23.89 after 2 months membership. The membership lasts for 12 months and offers increased rates on everything from video games to t shirts or virtual reality. But this is only one stream of discount, with direct incentives to purchase items such as £50 off headsets, £20 of destiny or £20 off and XBOX ONE S Bundle can add to your savings and even pay for the membership itself.

Recently Game have had some good prices when it all comes down to it, £49.99 WII U, Zelda Collectors edition £4.99, Gem Box £19.99, Prey £29.99 and the Troll and I for £9.99. All these your Elite membership works with for a variety of bonuses. But prices for some things such as the Switch accessories are overpriced, so you need to watch what your buying as it may be cheaper elsewhere.

The membership allows you to earn bonus points on your previous 5 days purchases before joining, which is handy if you made a big purchase a couple of days ago and hadn't signed up. You can also trade in games/ equipment to offset the cost of the membership by paying with Game Credit.

However as a regular customer constantly being asked 'are you an elite member' as well as 'can we insure your disc' and other classics such as 'would you like to preorder anything?' can make for an unpleasent experience. (IF ANYONE AT GAME IS READING THIS WE SEE YOUR ADVERTISING, ITS IN YOUR WINDOWS ON YOUR DIVIDERS ON YOUR T SHIRTS, ITS TOO MUCH!)

All in all I think Game Elite can be quite lucrative to somebody who buys and sells a lot of games/ consoles or strikes it lucky one day in store when all the best prices are on display. But the financial burden in order to actually profit/ save through this scheme is massive, making it incredibly difficult to justify. I would recommend looking at your spending habits if your considering purchasing, save your Game Rewards for a month before purchasing and times them by 3-4 to give you a rough estimate of how much you will save per month to see if its truly worth it for you.
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