GAME extended warranty - is it possible to claim with no receipt?

Posted 26th Feb 2013
Has anyone claimed for accidental damage through the extended warranty from Game before? I was wondering if anyone knows what details they ask for in order for them to verify your warranty.

At the bottom of the website here:…201 it says that they will check your details and if found correct they will assess the console for repair.

The problem is we have lost the receipt and customer services are not being very helpful.. when the 3DS was bought the sales associate took our name, phone number and address which is why I thought I would be able to claim the warranty even though we cannot find the receipt. They checked the past transactions on the reward card that we used but they said they cannot see the warranty, only the 3DS and game bundle.

I am really careful with everything I own but last week I went to plug my charger in whilst my 3DS was open and the plug fell out of my hands and landed on the bottom screen. It isn't cracked, but there is now a big dent in the touch screen which stops me from using it properly as it thinks I am pressing on the screen in the spot where the dent is.

Thank you if anyone is able to help. I'm not keeping my hopes high as I know it is our fault.. but I just wonder why they needed to take the personal details down if they were not going to be kept to verify the warranty at a later date.
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Extended warranty wont cover accidental damage...

Extended warranty wont cover accidental damage...

It does, its the only really good thing about the extended cover (it should list accidental damage in the link I put in my post)
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