Game help.

I want to get Arkham Asylum for PS3, for one day, i want to know can i return it the next day, will they refund me, because im sure i red some where all the good should be sealed or something like that, thnx for the help


game wont accept it back if its been opened or the seal broken, think its the same for game station, just rent it from block buster ???

asda will take it back unsealed

Returns & Refunds GAME operates a 28 day returns policy.

Any software may be returned for refund or exchange within 28 days of the despatch date, providing that the seal remains unbroken on the software.
Faulty software where the seal has been broken may be returned up to 3 months after the despatch date.
Hardware or peripherals may be opened for the purpose of inspection (but not used) and may be returned for refund or exchange within 28 days of the despatch date (7 days for TVs). Please note that hardware must contain every component part (cables, memory sticks etc.) before it can be accepted as a return.
Faulty hardware may be returned for a like-for-like exchange up to 12 months after the despatch date.
This does not affect your statutory rights.

That is lame, dude - why not rent it from Blockbuster?

Buy the game - Eidos deserve the money - BRILLIANT game. 9.8/10 from me.


batman arkham asylum= EPIC

PSST hope theres a 2nd one in the works


i know this is a hassle but it works

say theres a fault with the game, take it back get an exchange they should give you a sealed one again, go to another game if theres another one in your area and get a refund btw you will get an amended recipt, it will say you got an exchange, and your worried it might not work or be faulty you should get a refund

or you could buy a sealed copy somewhere else take that to game an get a refund
take the open one to where you bought sealed one from get a refund

It's because of people like you that game has stopped their 10 day policy.

Just rent it.
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