Found 26th Dec 2007
Does anyone know if Game still are selling the Xbox 1's for £20?
Are they used or new?



Pop in a find out. They were also selling GameCubes for £9.98.

The GC and the Xbox are both preowned - i.e. used.

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Will do, just wanted a lead saves me going into town.

Only want a Xbox 1 so i can change it into a media centre, but might buy a gamecube too.

Used xbox's in store yesterday for £20, quite a lot of them in cardiff

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are they boxed?


ever heard of a telephone

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Ever heard of a closed store?


u plonker :whistling:

calm down calm down. I am not sure, they had the description on the front of game boxes so the actual xbox wasnt there to look at. I have heard they are very good for a media player, I did think about it. to many bargains :-D
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