game help please!!

Whats a good game for either the 360 or the wii, for 2 females when lots of alcohol is involved?!
Its my mates birthday soon, and I'm going to hers for the weekend. We usually have a glass (or 6!) of wine and end up playing on LIP's - great fun!
I've decided to get her a game for her birthday and something that will go alongside this would be great. I was going to get the 'in the movies' game, with the camera, but missed out on the £12.99 deal
any other ideas?


how bou thte tennis game

Mario Kart wii for the win
it doesn't discriminate age or sex a flawless game
nothing better than smashing your opponent when you are over the legal limit

also i have heard good things about wario ware smooth moves

You can get the In the Movies with Camera brand new in HMV for £14.99, if you are still after that?

Otherwise, I suppose there are the Scene It games? Or Guitar Hero / Rock Band.

Mario Kart is excellent on the wii, too...

Lips is probably the best one already, to be honest.....

rayman rabbids tv party is what I play when the girls come round ;-)

Gears of War? - thats a sight I'd love to be a fly on the wall to see!:?

I've played it when drunk and I think I'm actually a little better!:oops:

Rayman rabbids t.v party - me and my friend have such fun!!

We also play High school musical sing it and dance lol

The 2 of you should play strip poker and get her a webcam for her birthday only joking!!, Defo "Mario Kart" for the Wii my girlfriend and her daughter both love playing this or if your both into films "Scene It" for the 360 is good and can be played with 4 player or teams.


rayman rabbids tv party is what I play when the girls come round ;-)

+1 or viva pinata party animals

Original Poster

The rayman looks great :-D I've bidded on a copy on ebay, thanks everyone! Failing that I'll try HMV for the movie game.
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