GAME pre-order with gift card?

LocalFound 13th Jun 2014
I have a gift card for GAME worth £80+ and I wanted to preorder Minecraft for PS4 but got a message that i could not use a gift card on preorder items?

has it always been like this and, if i go in store will i be able to preorder there?

Reason i think i will be able to is because the man that works in GAME asked if i was getting Watchdogs, i told him i am getting it from Amazon then he stated I shoukd get it from GAME since then it will be free. lol

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I believe Game pre orders are paid on delivery and not paid on pre ordered.

So if you use a game gift card you'll not pay a penny till the release date. But if you're out of credit on the card they would lose out.

If you went to store you could reserve yourself a copy and pay on the day it releases.

Don't think you can pre pay for the delivery with a gift card.
Yeah can confirm you cant pre order with a gift card online as they need a place to grab funds from as above poster mentioned. You can head in store and use the gift card for a pre order however.

That's pretty much the only downside to them.

Also in store costs above a fiver more on most cases but if you snag cheap games on here then get Cex price matches added to a gift card you can easily out weigh the fact you need to travel to store and pay a bit more.

Via trade ins I payed much less than 95 for the watchdogs dedsec edition.
ah i see, thanks for answering..
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