Game preorder 3 games and get £15 off - RUBBISH!

Just got an email through from Game, offering £15 in voucher code if you preorder before the end of Feb, however....

You have to spend the 3x £5 vouchers before April, you have to spend over 20 quid to use them and you can only use one per transaction. Oh and the vouchers can turn up in March!

You can't use the vouchers on preorders either.

So potentially you'll be buying 6 full price games before April and saving a whopping £15.

You might be able to work out a fiddle, preorder games that come out at the end of the year, use the vouchers, then cancel the preorders. However as most stuff is soooo overpriced you'd be much better off with Shopto.


Thanks for the warning its a complete con

oh hai you must new to how marketing works?

Just got this email aswell, Roughly £39.99 per game so £120 then you have to spend and extra £60 quid to get your £15 off, so all in £165 minimum you have to spend to get £15 off.

I know there's Quidco and Double bonus points but still not worth it and you cant use the codes on reorder games so you have to get what is out that month.

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