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Found 26th May 2008
I found this site, which is a useful tool to find which retailer has the best price on your next computer game purchase:…htm

Obviously voucher codes and quidco are not taken into account, but it's a good place to begin a search when you are about to buy a game.
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Yeah, a lot of people already use Find Games - there are also Find DVD, Find CD and Find Book.
i use ebay
Use both Gamestracker and Find-Games.........

there used to be a sticky that listed all price comparison sites…ot/
rwm24;2180258 … shows the cheapest price for Haze is £34.99 shows the cheapest price for Haze as £37.97I know which one I would use :P

I wasn't saying which one I thought was best, just posting the link in a format that people could click! :roll:
Thanks to those who posted for the heads-up on gamestracker
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