Game rentals

Hello, looking for an online game rental service ie. blockbuster..

There must be no late fees etc and the game can be returned anytime

and you have tried it out



I've been with [url][/url] for a few months now. No complaints, though naturally I'd rather pay less

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they have all the latest 360 games? whats their cheapest price?

lovefilm do games.

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i heard lovefilm was a scam

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anymore, im really only looking at 1 rental a month.

how about ]gametart

Lovefilm hardly ever send out games, I wouldn't reccomend the for that!

i have no probs with lovefilm but i think i'm in a minority there

i started a 3 month trial again with lovefilm which is now nearing its end, but when i first rejoined i selected some xbox 360 games to rent but as yet haven't received any

Have a look here:
They give a complete list of dvd rental companies including ones that rent games.The list includes one that hasn't been mentioned yet,Mchezo:
Sorry don't know anything about them other than what it tells you on their homepage,Free trial and slightly more expensive than others.

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does gametart charge the fee eg: £49.95 to your account like swapgame? as i will only have enough in per week/month at a time/.

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anywere else?


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