GAME returns help!

today i bought beijing 08 and i hate it so as i have ripped the celophane wrapper and the seal (where you open the case) has been ripped can i take it back to exchange it for another game or get a refund??



i dont think they will take it back as you could have copied it (m not saying you have lol )

unless u can get the sticker and stick it back

The official policy when I worked at Game a good few years ago was, if the box is open - no refund, no exchange.


I'm fairly sure you have 24 hours in which to return an item to the store you bought it from and get a refund or exchange for ANY reason, so long as the goods are still undamaged condition. Might be worth reading up on your consumer rights before you go in and try and get it exchanged...

If its been opened you cant take it back.

Your sposed to be able to open the item to inspect it. Then still be able to take it back.
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