Game review compair sites?

Hi all,

I have for a couple years used for game reviews and found it invaluable, however it is rather American.

Anyone know of a similar site that has a selection of UK based review websites to give scores?

Cheers in advance


I usually look at]click for games reviews etc:)

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Ah but that is a single review website isn't it? I'm after one like metacritic that basically has about 30 reviews on each game with scores, to get an average if you see what I mean...

I see what you mean:roll:

I can't help then,I find the above site pretty much on the money,no need for 30 other opinions saying roughly the same!!!

I find the best site to be [url][/url] who are quite consistantly harsh with there gaming reviews (At least they used to be) and they also show review scores from about 30 other mags including UK mags and private gamers.

I hope that helps.

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I have had a butchers at them before and quite like the site, cheers
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