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I'm going to buy a PS3 250gb ASAP (60GB YLOD'd and got £200 instore credit off game). If i order a card off the internet for £3, am i likely to make that money back when i buy the PS3? Also, if i order it now, can i just use the number it gives me instore, or do i have to actually have the card itself as i was planning on buying it this weekend - would i have it by then if i ordered tonight?

thanks in-advance, rep for help!


Yes youll get around 6 quid in points i think.

If the card has been issued then youll be on database so just give them your details

Or pay the 3 quid for game card at time of purchase


Original Poster

i've ordered it.

will take the number with me if it doesnt come in time.

rep added.
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