GAME Trade in prices

Is there anyway of finding out the trade in price of games at GAME?

my son wants to trade in Guitar hero on the wii and are looking for what he can expect from it.


11 pound

Dont use GAME! They'll give you pennies. Ebay it if you can, games trade in policy is the worst. Xtra vision give a good trade in price but it a Northern Irish thing. Its not an answer but it will save you the disapointment.


11 pound

then they will put it back out for £59.99 pre owend :w00t:

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Blimey is that all? that's awful!!

Would that price include the guitar and the game?

stick it on ebay, trust us

Gamestation and Blockbuster give good trade in prices, got offered £9 for Call of Duty 3, Stranghold and Farcry ! (Xbox 360 Games)

Went to a local shop nearby and got offered £23 trade in

CEX are good for trade-ins... do you have one of those nearby? If not, you can post things to them, to sell... they give £40 cash for Guitar Hero 3 with Guitar on the Wii


ebay!!! or on here, or amazon or play.com, your best bets
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