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Could only find the refund guarantee on my receipt, does anyone know how long the warranty is? I always assumed it was a year? My 360 is giving me the occasional scare and I bought it last August so I may need to know:-(


take it in now, say it keeps crashing, they probably wont check it or say, every hour or so it crashes.. they wont have time to keep it on for an hour. So they should either give you exchange or full refund, my 360 showed red lights once [and worked normally after] gave blockbuster a ring, they swapped it without even opening the box [coulda been owt in the box xD] however i rang them up stating i was keeping my old hard drive and they had permission to remove the new one off the new console which they agreed. They didnt, so i ended up with two hard drives!

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I've still got the box and original packaging (unusually efficient for me!) so I may just consider that ;-)

give them a ring now, like they say, worst they can do is say no.. if in the event they DO say no, im pretty sure your console should still be under manufacture warrenty, which means microsoft UK will fix/replace it with either a new or refurbished console.. If you really want a new one, just state that over the phone. At least thats what my friend did, if you need anymore info ill happily reply to PM's or in here
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