Game Wii Bundles! Check Your Refund.

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Found 24th Apr 2007
Hi Ppl.

As many, i purchased an expensive Wii Game bundle, to get the console, and then return all the games.

I did this via the post, not returning the games to the store (so this only applies to people who did the same, people who return to the store will be fine).

Check your credit card bills that they have refunded the right amount. They charged me £4.96 extra on the wii console, making it £184.95.

This is due to what i imagine, is a fault with thier refund system on bundles... basically it add the discount applied to the games onto the cost of your console as they feel you no longer qualify for the bundle discounts...

But the problem is, the console is not discounted, so it ends up costing you more than it should.

I just had a 20minutes epic discussion with thier customer services, who i can only say didnt want to use his brain, and was possibly the worst customer services advisor on the planet.

Basically, without going on to much of a rant, make sure you have been refunding enough to make it that your only paying £179.99 for the console.

Rant over


to be honest I always thought this whole idea was a bit risky but anyway well done for getting it sorted!

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[SIZE=2]to be fair, it should be[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]i did it because i called before i did it, spoke to them, and they said its fine, return games, and you pay £179.99 for the console. when game say it, i took thier word for it lol. [/SIZE]
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