Game will give you £16.50 for a fake 4gb ms pro duo

Hehe lol, I went in today and they said trade-in on a ms pro duo 4gb would be £16.50 lol - doesn't matter if it is a fake - s'long as its a ms pro duo.

Lol! :-D

You could turn £8 cash (from buying one from dealextreme.) into double that on a game gift card and then sell the gift card on ebay lol!


interesting, maybe we should all do this, spread loads around the game stores nationwide, then go in asking for one, when you get a fake one, inform trading standards and sue the ass off em. Close em down or just get loads a money in compensation


I'm sure it was just a matter of luck that the guy dealing with you didn't notice it was a fake

Do they take your name and address when trading in or is that just their games? This is a good example of why they should, I don't find it very funny that you've traded counterfeit goods.


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I told them it was fake and they didn't care lol. Didn't trade it in though.

the guy who buys it isnt going to be happy lol, it will probably be me lol

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If it managed to work its way from Rhyl to wherever you live lol. :-D
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