Gameboy Advance sp or Micro

Hi guys,

I'm looking for the best price for 2 of these, either SP or Micro.

They are both for boys so pink is no good. I have found the Micro at Argos for £49.98 in hot pink so that is no good neither is the gameboy advance SP in pink for £46.99. The next nearest in blue or silver is £20.00 dearer. How can they justify charging more for boys than they do for girls?

I'm not in a rush for these so looking for the best deal possible.

Can anyone help me please :-D


There are some micro's at HMV for £49.99, in silver, green or lol pink

The micro was £30 at Comet wasnt it? I think it got taken off the website, but I know stores still have stock (Tho the may wish to charge you more instore). I also remember reading that a shop was selling them £35 instore, which I believe was Virgin.


amazon have silver for £39.99

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Thanks for your speedy replies boydent, smashed and loupomm. Looked at the Comet thread already, i dont fancy my chances with that one....Will look at virgin too.

I just looked on Amazon and i saw the origional game boy advance for about £22 are these any good? do they play the same games? My boys are only 4 and 6 so if its just the old style shape i dont think that will matter to them, but if they are different i'm not so sure.

They play the same games
But the screen isnt as bright, and its bulkier etc.

You can pick them up 2nd hand cheap. Might be worth phoning your local Virgin and seeing if they do them for £35 tho. I think I would pay the extra couple of quid for the micro.


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Thanks for that smashed i think i will forget about the origional and get the SP or Micro as planned. I will look into the virgin stores, problem is thanks to this site im too lazy to go in store and like to do most of my shopping on line.

I might look into amazon too.

Rep given to all who helped.

I've just had a look in comet today Beckyboo, and yes, all colours of the micro were available for £29.99. You can also get the micro and a game worth over £9.99 for £39.99 Hope this helps.

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Well I went to Comet today and bought the last 2 green GBA Micro's that they had in stock. Also bought both with a game as suggested by emasu for £39.99 my boys are very pleased. Rep given.

I love this site

Nice one Beckyboo, result


I love this site

You're not the only one

Original Poster


You're not the only one

I know its great. So many commited helpful members.........Now does anyone know where I can get cheap games? :giggle:

I'm very glad you got your items beckyboo - hope your boys enjoy them! :thumbsup:

BeckyBoo try CDWOW for cheap games...I used a 5% code here and got a good deal a few days ago
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