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hi just wondering what a gameboy color with Yoda stories, pokemon blue, dragon warrior monsters and Zelda links awakening is worth? I know it won't be much, I usually trade stuff in to cex but I don't see any listings for these, do they not take stuff this old?

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there are instructions and accessories but no boxes

Probably worth a decent amount to be honest. Pokemon blue is easilly worth a tenner, even if the battery is gone. Links awakening (if not the black cartridge) will net you around 5 or 6 quid and Dragon Warrior is worth around 15 quid last I checked.
Gameboy colour depends on condition, but the average is 15 quid, maybe a bit more if you lob in Yoda, the accesories and the manuals.

Chuck it on ebay, just watch out for people trying to low ball you on here.

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thanks didn't think it would be. better avoid cex in this instance do you think?

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there is a battery inside the pokemon blue cartridge? how do I check if it is OK?

Best way to check the Pokemon battery is to load the game, and check if you can continue from an old save. If the only option is to start a new game, try that and save the game when you can, then see if you can continue from it. Same thing for Zelda and Dragon Warrior as well I think.

Avoid CeX on this one, they will give you buttons. The store near me has been taking dreamcast games lately and making a very large mark up on them, don't let them fool you with your games.

Also, if you have the battery cover still it's worth slightly more as most people sell without the battery cover. Perhaps they used a rechargeable battery pack for years and lost the cover. But in general people look for a complete gameboy.

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yep still got the battery cover and the save/load works on all the games, thanks for the advice guys

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what does it mean if links awakening DX is the black cartridge?

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thanks for the advice you guys, I made a decent profit on this item
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