Gameboy SP preferably in PINK

Does anyone know where I can get my hands on one of these (without paying £silly on ebay).

Thanks - I don't mind paying over the odds but not DOUBLE the odds!!!



Have you tried Argos??? I picked a pink one up last night @ £99.99 with free DS Essential Kit. It depends on where you live as to if they are in stock or not. Hope this helps.

Sorry didn't read it correctly I was thinking of the Nintendo DS!


Amazon have them for £69.99

Pink Gameboy

You'll heve to be quick though ... Hope this helps

Original Poster

Thanks for the suggestions - Amazon are offering delivery of between four - six weeks.

I think I'll try for a couple more days but probably end up getting a DS as there are a few of them around at the mo.

Thanks! (And more suggestions still welcome!)


There is another seller on Amazon selling one for £79.99 with a dispatch date of 19th December (says delivery in 1-2 working days) ...it might be worth contacting the seller and seeing if it could be sent out any quicker! Its always worth a try!

Hi, I have 2 of the rare pink nintendo ds packs which comes complete with the Dachshund Nintendogs game. The DS is the model up from the SP and is a much more advanced machine. I will accept an offer of around £150 if your interested?

Do you mean a Pink DS?

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Thanks everyone. My son already has a DS and my daughter specifically wanted a SP so she could 'connect' with her friends and link up on their favourite games.

I had a stroke of luck actually - ToysRus sent me one despite emailing me to tell me that my order had been cancelled because it was out of stock. Then, double bonus, yesterday I realised the £70 had been recredited to my account and I got another email saying the money had been refunded as the order had been cancelled and no more stock would be received!

Bonus - although as it turned out Woolworths have some now anyway - but I'd have had to pay for that!
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