Game...Brain Game

Just a little something to help those Little Grey Cells........ As the site is in Japanese here are the instuctions -

1. Touch START

2. Memorize the number's position and click on all the circles in sequence, starting with the lowest number through to the highest number.

3. At the end of the game, the computer will tell you the age of your brain.…tml


20 :?

38...that good or bad lol

I don't seem to be able to remember more than 5 at a time! best score so far is 37, which is 7 years older than I really am

29 - i wish!!:w00t:

Original Poster

i got 24 - im 18


32 :-D a load of tosh though as on the ds think my brain age is summat like 108 :w00t:

I got 29 (I am 21)

i got 20 (im 44)
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