, how reliable are they with pre-orders?

Found 30th Mar 2016
I've read online that they can be fickle with their pre-orders. Some don't even receive their game and are charged for it anyway. Can you guys share your Game pre-order experiences with me/
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I have NEVER had any problems with them - and that is using them since forever. However as you have said, a few folks do have problems, maybe its just the vocal minority complaining.....
They've always been fine for me, but others certainly have had issues. I tend only to use them in the case of GAME-exclusive releases, but that's mainly down to pricing.

Bear in mind that you're unlikely to receive any GAME pre-orders early, as they typically ship pre-orders with instructions to deliver on the day of release and not before.
Usually received a pre-order the day before release
Instore definitely not reliable at all! Example: Uncharted 4 special edition, instore £69.99, online £59.99! Plus waiting up to 3-4 days from release date to collect your game instore!
P.S. Sorry guys for my poor english =)
I have pre ordered 10+ games with game over the last few years and i have never had a single problem. Every game has either turned up the day before release or on release day, or it has been waiting in store when i selected to collect in store.
Game have a bad rep, they can be expensive, but i have personally never had an issue with their service.
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Thanks you guys. You have have really put my mind at ease.
Me and my friend both pre ordered Dragon Ball Z off there. I ordered mine with "Day 1 delivery" and he didn't . His copy arrived on day 1, however mine took 4 months to arrive. Another one of my friends is still waiting for his copy of Far Cry Primal to arrive off Game as well.
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