Game.co.uk PayPal incident.

Found 20th Mar 2013
On the 17th of March I tried to order place an order from GAME (on the iPad if it makes a difference)
Proceeding to the checkout I tried to pay via PayPal, redirecting me to the website I chose my payment option. Where it was processing the payment it redirected me back to their website saying 'Your payment was not successful please try again' So I tried again and it bounced back with the same error. I eventually gave up, out of curiosity i checked my online banking to find out that the money has been taken out of my account. I had no confirmation email whatsoever . Worst of all nothings shown on my PayPal and bank statement

Its been 3 working days and their customer service is non existent, tried calling them up, they supposedly respond to emails within 7 days? and their twitter...

What would you guys advise me to do?

Many Thanks
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Has the funds actually been taken out or on hold? Its probably just on hold and will be released again in a few days.

You may be looking at your available balance rather than your actual balance?

When you purchase something online, the company communicates with your bank to ensure the funds are available and places the funds on hold, then you are normally charged once the goods have been dispatched. If you cancel the order or the payment failed, the funds are then released a few days after.
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I did think of this however the day after this incident occurred I'd had received a refund from an eBay purchase using PayPal and the funds were in my bank the next day. I tried to contact them in all ways possible but it seems like GAME has gone downhill after going bussed.
try using their online chat. you may have to try a couple of times to get through though.
Thanks but I did try this 7-8 times Kept on saying 'they're experiencing high volumes of chats' for the past 3 days but funnily enough their Twitters active
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