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Hi all,

I've recently received my free Wii from my mobile contract and was looking to get a quick collection of cheap Gamecube games to play on it before Christmas; The only problem is that i don't know where to look, I don't use eBay anymore so was wondering if anyone knew of online stores that sell cheap Gamecube games. If anyone can recommend some must play games (For Wii or Gamecube) that would also be great.

Thanks in advance



Some Gamecube games are going up in price so there aren't many cheap ones around. But if you look on the Gamestation or in the store they normally have a few good games in the 2 for £20 range.
What games where you after?

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I'm not sure what games yet, probably any Mario ones that have been released. I had a look at Gamestation earlier, but they want over £30 for second hand games. I could buy new Wii games for cheaper lol. Thanks for your post though. Have left Rep.

Thank you.
Do you have a CEX local to you? or a Blockbuster?
I picked up super mario sunshire for £12 from CEX.

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I live in the remote parts of Cornwall so we don't have any big chains within a 30 minute drive lol, but i do have a little second hand game shop thats really good, i always seem to forget its there :oops:

Thanks for reminding me, I'll have to check it out during my lunch hour tomorrow.



you can buy many games online - i picked up from them recently:-

Luigis Mansion - £10
Sonic Gems Collection - £10
Call Of Duty - Finest Hour - £5
Wario Ware Inc Party Games - £8
Super Monkeyball Adventure - £8
Wario World - £14
Mario Golf - Toadstool Tour - £12
Paper Mario 2 - £24 (Rare though)

They have some older games for just £1.00 or less.
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