Does anyone know a good place to buy new gamecube games at reasonable prices . Everywhere i look they are in excess on £20 and since the gamecube is old as the hills i think thats excessive. Im a wii gamer so just wanted a free cheap titles to add to my collection like zelda and mario games


ebay will be your best bet. as i GC owner i am annoyed that gamestation and the like have hiked their prices due to the games can be used on the wii.

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OK thanks , im a buyer /seller on ebay and have had few bargains just bought xmen 2 for 2.50 plus 1.50 p&p thought that good, hope hubby likes

Somebody posted a link to the CEX website with cheap gamecube games on another thread (can't remember which). I have looked on the CEX website and i can't find them so if anybody can find the link please let us know as i am also looking for Gamecube games. Thanks
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