Gamecube Gear

Seeing as I have a Wii now, it would be nice if someone could find me some cheap prices online for any of the following:

Official Gamecube Controller (Or are there some decent 3rd party alternatives?)
Gamecube Memory Card (Not sure about size)
Metroid Prime
Resident Evil 4
Zelda Wind Waker (Worth getting collector's edition?)
Viewtiful Joe
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem
Super Smash Bros Melee
Super Mario Sunshine
Pikmin 2
F-Zero GX
Resident Evil

Anything would be good, thanks.


try gamestation online and in stores as they stock a decent range of gamecube games and accessories, mostly pre-owned

Look on here


Just search for your game and it'll compare prices for you and give you the cheapest.

A guy going by the name 'Psitrading' on ebay does alot of what your after. See if you can find him. He is based in Leamington Spa for your reference.
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