gamecube screen problems - got a picture but its in black and white

Did a thread a month or two ago and never really got anywhere.

Decided to have a look at my screen again today and I have made some progress.

I chopped off the gamecube video connector which is supposed to attach to the screen and found that the following wires would kind of work:

Yellow - required for a picture to be displayed - Compisite Sync at a guess??

Orange - Makes the screen red (in my case a red 360 dash lol)

Blue - Makes the screen blue (in my case a blue 360 dash lol)

Green - Makes the screen green (in my case a green 360 dash lol)

RGB at a guess?

if I attach all 4 of those to a compisite wire, I end getting a black and white picture, if i put either orange(red), green (green) or blue (blue) on its own with the yellow wire, then i get as said above either a red, green or blue display..

The problem is how do I get it to display in colour - not black or white or green , blue or green.



buy a new cable perhaps?

360 gamecube

Get the rgb cable for a tenner friend.

best gamecube picture you can get. The mega expensive and practically unobtainable component cables make everything look way too jaggy.

Original Poster

lol Im talking about using a portable gamecube screen (Sharp LM6Q401) to display a composite input... i think i may have confused people lol

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This thing:

oho... yeah you certainly did confuse me.

AVforums for this one
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