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Gamers Looking For 2019 TVs £1099-1799

Posted 29th Nov
*Hey guys if you’re interested in TV for gaming or multiple use?*

here is my personal research I have done.

Which one Sony Bravia /LG C9 /B9 /Q80R?

*Rtings Best gaming tvs 2019*

I am willing to buy 55in OLED and I have already chosen few (below) and their all have 5 years guarantee included from John Lewis.

*Sony Bravia* KD55AG8 (2019) OLED £1.299.00

*LG C9* OLED55C9PLA (2019) OLED £1.299.00

LG OLED55E9PLA 55 (2019) OLED £1,799.00

*LG B9* OLED55B9PLA (2019) OLED £1.099.00

*Samsung* QE55Q80R (2019) LED £1.199.00

After doing several research and got user’s feedback on Reddit, I made my final decision to purchase LG C9 and I will probably buy better latest 2.1 HDMI TV next year for PS5 even though LG mentioned C9 supports it.

We all know prices drop for each model gradually release.

Top Tie/ Best TV in the market now is
*Thee Panasonic TX-55GZ2000B* unfortunately I can’t afford it.


*And The very best of all is (Sony BVM-X300) true 4K Tv Monitor cost 35k


Keep an eye out for CES 2020 where reveal new tech on 7-10 January 2020.
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There's not much between the Panasonic TX-55GZ2000B and the Panasonic TX-55GZ950B in terms of picture quality, that would have been in your price range, but lacks HDMI 2.1
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